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What to do so that the child loves going to school

Most elementary school students complain about what they don’t like about school. In such situations, parents must determine what it is connected with. The child may just be bored or may be stressed. Consider several ways to make children fall in love with school.

How to make a child fall in love with school

Does it happen that your child’s stomach aches or even fever when it comes time to go to school? But as soon as he is allowed to stay at home, he immediately becomes better. Perhaps he feels dizzy or nauseous in such situations? Many parents ask themselves the question: why is this happening? If such situations occur with your child, then you need to know that this behavior of the child has its own reasons.

Sometimes children do not like school, because, in truth, it’s not he who goes to school, but we give him there. Studying and gaining knowledge at school is necessary for everyone, but the children are still too young to understand this. Some children are open to new knowledge, but they are afraid of the rules adopted at school. Sometimes a child first likes the school, but then something happens that changes his attitude. You need to figure out what happens to the child at school.

If you ignore the fact that your child does not like going to school, you only exacerbate the problem. But there is no need to go to the other extreme: let the child stay at home every time he does not want to go to school. Each of us knows how important learning is for a child, how it develops a personality and provides the knowledge necessary for him in the future. But forcing a child to go to school is a bad idea. Instead, it’s better to find out the reasons why the child does not like school, what problems he faces there.

The most common reasons why a child does not like to go to school are:

the child may not like the lessons;
the child may be bored;
learning material may be too complicated for the child;
the child may have problems with classmates or it may be difficult for him to make friends;
the child may be bullied at school, and this may make him scared. This is the most common reason children do not like to go to school;
the child may have poor performance at school, and this may make him embarrassed in front of classmates;
comparisons with classmates can make a child feel inferior;
the child may feel exhausted due to pressure from teachers and the school;
the child may not like the way teachers or classmates relate to him.
You need to understand that the above reasons indicate that the child does not hate school, but the circumstances that he faces there.

Identify the source of the problem.

If the child does not want to go to school, first of all, parents must determine the cause of the problem. After that, you need to make every effort to eliminate it. Instead of forcing the child to go to school, you need to think about what needs to be done so that the child himself wants to go there. Determine the source of the problem as early as possible (preferably when the child first refuses to go to school). Otherwise, in the future the situation can only get worse.

Prevent bullying at school

If your child is afraid of another child who is mocking him in some way, you should definitely step in and stop it. Tell the teacher about these facts or talk to the school principal about this. If possible, also talk with the parents of the school bully. If this does not help, intervene in the situation yourself. You should also talk with your child about what they should do in such situations to prevent bullying. This will not only give the child confidence in his abilities, but also help him earn respect in the eyes of classmates.

Help your child make friends at school

When a child has friends and a circle of friends among classmates, he goes to school with great pleasure. Therefore, if your child’s true problem is that he cannot make friends with anyone at school, he may need your help with this. Have a small party at home and let him call classmates. You can also send your child to some club or sports section. There he will be able to find friends with similar interests.

Try to make learning easy and understandable for your child.

For this, you may need the help of your child’s school teacher. He will tell you how to make learning easier. Exercise with your child: with simple examples, explain to him how to solve various problems. Today on the Internet you can find many different additional educational materials and educational games. Use them – and it will be easier for the child to learn.

Make the learning process more fun

This task may seem difficult to you, but it is possible. When you understand what your child is really interested in, you can help him love his studies. Every child likes something, but something not.

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