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Making sure your child is learning enough

Julia, the mother of four-year-old Sasha, says: “I often talk with mothers, and they tell me what their children do. One teaches English. The second is engaged in an art school and recently won the competition. The third attends the sports section.

Hearing such stories, I involuntarily wonder: is my child studying enough? For a long time I was a teacher at school, worked with children and I know how they develop. And yet, despite my knowledge and experience, I have doubts. ”

Such doubts are common to many young parents. We care too much about our children and want them to maximize their potential. However, often such doubts are not justified.

Child development is a journey, not a race

Yes, perhaps this phrase sounds corny, but it’s true. All children are different and develop at a different pace. Someone acquires the necessary skills faster, someone slower. It doesn’t matter if your child develops faster than his peers; the main thing is that it will develop.

Children are curious in nature

Children intuitively seek to learn new things. If they are provided with the necessary conditions, they will almost always succeed. Of course, certain difficulties may arise in the learning process. For example, a child may study worse due to the fact that he watches too much TV or his parents give him too many classes (for example, they give him to sports clubs, art schools, music schools, hire him tutors, etc.).

The difficulty lies in the fact that you can’t just say to the child: “From this day you will not watch TV.” All that distracts the child from school should be replaced with something more useful. This is similar to how you try to eat a healthier diet. The choice of useful activities for the child should be approached carefully. After all, if there are too many such activities on his daily schedule, he may become tired or more absent-minded. In such cases, it may seem to you that the child is lazy.

But do not despair. If your child has any learning difficulties, focus on two things: read more and walk more in nature. These activities can arouse the interest of the child. He becomes happier and more interested in studying, shows more creativity in the game activity.

A child can say what he needs

Your child may learn better than his peers or, conversely, be somewhat behind. In both cases, you should not ask yourself if your child is learning enough. Instead, ask yourself: “At what stage of development is my child currently in? What difficulties does he face? What are its strengths? How can you help him learn the necessary skills? ”

If you focus too much on the achievements of the child or compare them with the achievements of peers, you can get stress. Parents often use this strategy, but it causes concern for both the parents and the child himself. Instead, focus on your child’s strengths and difficulties. He studies to the best of his strength and ability. It is much more important that he enjoys the learning process itself.

Keep a good relationship with your child, and he will understand that the world around you is a place full of interesting things. So the child will wake up interest in research and new knowledge.

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